Participate at the joint Danish Pavilion at OTC 2018 with Offshore Denmark


Exhibit at OTC 2020 - the industry's largest exhibition with more than 60,000 attendees!

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Looking for new ways to promote your company? At you have several opportunities of making your company logo and name visible to your audience. We have listed many of these opportunities below, but if you have other ideas or wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us

Supplier Index

The Supplier Index is a tool for finding Danish offshore suppliers and is a quick overview and easy way to find the right supplier or partner within the field of product or service customers are looking. If you want to be found by possible partners and customers, you can be listed here. The listing includes:

  • company data
  • 5 or 10 product/service keywords
  • a 50 word description
  • link to your web site

The above are all included in membership of DMOG - read more about membership.

Listing with 5 product/service keywords 2,400.00 DKK
Administration and running costs per year  750.00 DKK
Listing with 10 product/service keywords  3,600.00 DKK
Administration and running costs per year   750.00 DKK


Example of banner advertising on the front page
Banner examples; Scanel International A/S and TofKo Business Development A/S.


463 pixels x 113 pixels (width x height)

All pages – at bottom

3 months: 4,000.00 DKK
6 months: 6,500.00 DKK
12 months: 11,000.00 DKK


Banner statistics (impressions and click count), reported each month

3 months 1,000.00 DKK
6 months 1,500.00 DKK
12 months 2,500.00 DKK


Company Profile

With a Company Profile you have 200 or 400 words, 3 or 6 photos, your logo, contact info and link to your web site to describe your company (included in DMOG membership). 

1 page includes:

3 photos (1 large and 2 small), logo, text, address and link to company website.

Includes 5 product/service keywords in the Supplier Index.

Price: Establishment/editing 6,000.00 DKK
Price: Administration and running costs per year 1,500.00 DKK

2 pages include:

6 photos (2 large and 4 small), logo, text, address and link to company website.

Include 10 product/service keywords in the Supplier Index.

Price: Establishment/editing 9,000.00 DKK
Price: Administration and running costs per year 1,750.00 DKK


Technical description

You deliver material and Offshore Denmark prepares your advertising and publishes it on the basis of your material and your acceptance. The material must meet the following deman


The photos have to be saved in Photoshop as an eps-file (or jpg, tif) and the resolution must as a minimum be 300 dpi. The colours must be CMYK, grey tone or bitmap. If it is a bitmap (line drawing), the resolution must be 600 dpi.

Logo The logo has to be saved in Illustrator as an eps-file. The colours must be CMYK or grey tone. If possible, outlined scripts are preferred.
Text Text is to be delivered in a Word document, and tables either in an Excel file or Illustrator (eps-file). 

The price includes establishment as well as administration and running costs. For all submissions (including banners) applies that we must receive your materials in digital formats.

Additional desk top publishing or web editing: DKK 600 per hour.

All prices are in DKK and exclusive of VAT.

Some of the above-mentioned advertising opportunities are included in a membership of Danish Marine & Offshore Group. Read more about joining DMOG here

Contact us for more information:

Tel.: +45 28117277

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Upcoming exhibitions

Offshore Denmark organises Danish Pavilions at the following upcoming exhibitions. For more information and booking forms, see here:

 Exhibit at OTC 2020 at Offshore Denmark's National Pavilion

ONS 2020 i Stavanger

OTC 2020, Houston
4 - 7 May 2020
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ONS 2020, Stavanger
31 Aug - 3 Sep. 2020
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SPE Offshore Europe 2021
SPE Offshore Europe
7 - 10 Sep. 2021
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OTC 2021, Houston
May 2021
More information will follow