Blue Water is ready to transport foundations for the offshore wind industry



In the coming years, the number of offshore wind farms is to expand significantly on a global scale. Having gained strong competence in and knowledge of wind turbines worldwide, Blue Water Shipping is now ready with a new service for the wind industry: the transport of foundations for offshore wind turbines, so-called mono-piles and tripods, which are large steel structures, on which the individual wind turbines are installed. 

“Transportation of foundations fits well with our current portfolio of products and services for the wind turbine industry, to which we supply transport and logistics solutions worldwide. Additionally, Blue Water Shipping has extensive experience with large project transports to other industries, an experience which we can utilize when transporting the large foundations, which require specialized knowledge,” says Brian Sørensen, Business Development and Sales Manager for the new product 
As a specialist in wind turbine transports, Brian Sørensen has developed a large network and great insight in the industry over the previous decade. 

“The aim of providing transport possibilities for offshore wind turbine foundations is to contribute to the optimization of the entire transport flow for our clients. We have developed on our current solutions, so they can be adapted to the needs and requirements of individual clients, and our solutions are based on our large technical and in-house competencies as well as our long-standing participation in global wind turbines and project transports,” says Brian Sørensen, who has experienced great interest in the new product. 

Blue Water Shipping will provide transport of foundations to the entire world, but the primary focus area is Europe, where the company is currently involved in the installation of several wind turbine farms. The operational set-up consists of a close relationship between Blue Water Shipping’s departments for Wind Logistics and Oil, Gas & Industrial Projects. 

Blue Water Shipping participates in the Husum Wind Energy Trade Fair 18 - 22 September, where the company - in addition to the new transport product – will present its broad range of transport and logistics solutions for the wind turbine and energy industry. 

Additional information: 
Brian Sørensen– mobile phone: +45 2080 6293 

BWS facts: 
Blue Water Shipping is a global transport and logistics company with expertise in General Cargo by road, sea and air, Reefer Logistics, Oil & Gas, Industrial Projects, Port Operations, Marine Logistics and Wind Logistics. 

Globally, Blue Water Shipping has more than 1,000 employees in over 50 offices in more than 25 countries. The Danish owned company was founded in 1972 by Kurt Skov, who is still the Managing Director. In 2011, the company had a turnover of EUR470 m.


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