H.J. Hansen wins large demolition project



The three corvettes served in the Danish Defence in the name of Niels Juel, Olfert Fischer and Peter Tordenskiold. The corvettes were constructed at Aalborg Shipyard in the period 1978-1980. The last corvette ended its service in August 2009. 

Each of the corvettes measures a length of 84 meters and a width of 10 meters. The body of the vessels is made of iron with a superstructure of aluminum. Each vessel weighs approximately 1100 tonnes. 

The vessels will be cut up for scrap in the docks at Lindø. During 2012 H.J. Hansen has also scrapped the vessels, RMS Copenhagen and Norbjørn. 
The demolition process is expected to last approximately one month. Yet, before the demolition process begins an environmental sanitation of the vessels will be performed.

H.J. Hansen expects to receive the corvettes at Lindø during January. -“H.J. Hansen is actively engaged in utilizing the great facilities on Lindø, and the opportunities of solving large scale and more complex recycling projects in the maritime and naval sector inwhich the facilities offer. Particularly, we focus on ship recycling and demolition of offshore installations, which are areas with high demands on technology, facilities and environmental considerations”. 

More than 95 % of the vessels will be recycled. The iron and metals become raw materials which enter into the manufacturing of new products. 

-“We are very pleased to solve this project for the Danish Defence. This type of demolition project demands a number of national and international standards and requirements within environmental, work environmental and materials handling issues – and we have the required expertise, control systems and perfect facilities for ship recycling projects”. 

For further information, please contact: 
H.J. Hansen Genvindingsindustri A/S 
CEO and owner Jens Hempel-Hansen 
Phone: +45 40 28 54 83 / E-mail: hempel@hjhansen.dk

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