MARTIN BENCHER as main transport contractor to Envision Energy (Denmark) ApS



Denmark – August 31, 2012 – Martin Bencher is proud to have been chosen as a main transport contractor to a Danish prototype project for the Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Envision Energy. The project has involved competences of MARTIN BENCHER going from transport and packaging advisory and consultancy; loading supervision at factories in China for castings and tower parts to transport planning and port operations in Denmark. 

The project was passing a challenging phase during last week (week 34), where the complicated part of jacking the 220 tons nacelle at MAN in Frederikshavn, loading it on 2 SPMT (self - propelled modular transports) and taking it to Frederikshavn oil pier for loading onboard MV Jumbo Spirit. 

After the nacelle had been securely fastened in the hull the vessel passed north of Skagen and into Thyborøn, where it was docked at Limfjords kaj. There the Nacelle was discharged from the Jumbo Spirit and loaded to the SPMT once again, which in the meanwhile had been disassembled and trucked to Thyborøn. The Nacelle, which in the transport configuration weighs around 220 000 kg with dimensions of 13,1 meter long x 6,0 meter wide and 7,9 meter high has been build up in Denmark as a prototype Proof of Concept turbine by the Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Envision Energy, who has a Global Innovation Centre located in Silkeborg, Denmark. 

The turbine is the world’s first 2 bladed 3,6 mw turbine designed with 2-part sectioned blades which operates through a special Partial Pitch blade feathering system. The heavy load and project forwarder Martin Bencher (Scandinavia) A/S was handling the operation on behalf of Envision Energy (Denmark) ApS, the physical jacking and transport to and from Pier is subcontracted. 

At Envision the transport part of the Project is handled by Peter T. Madsen & Jan Westergaard. 

For more information, please contact: 
Peter Kehlet Schou Tel: +45 86 122 699 Mobile: +45 2949 9715

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