EV Metalværk A/S

EV Metalværk a/s  is an ultra modern manufacturer. We produce a very wide programme of fittings and valves for industrial use, and we manufacture OEM products for more than 50 different sectors.
Our modern production facilities, highly educated and dedicated employees and more than 40 years of experience make EV Metalværk a/s a valuable sub-supplier of turned and milled parts for various sectors, and it makes us a leading co-operator in development and production of OEM products.
A very thourough quality control and a certified quality system ensure that EV Metalværk a/s always supply the best quality at the right time.

EV Metalværk - exhibitor at OTD 2019



Address: Ribovej 1, 6950 Ringkøbing
Phone: +4597322033

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