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FlexCoil - Member of DMOG

Specialist heat exchangers and dry coolers 



EVAPCO Air Solutions A/S is already acknowledged as one of Europe’s leading producers of specialist heat exchangers and dry coolers.

Flexibility, high quality, use of new technology and innovative design whilst also adopting exotic tube materials such as AlMg3, AISI 304/316, SMO and Titanium matched with a variety of fin materials, confirm Flex coil as a world class manufacturer.

Titanium is often regarded as the ‘Roll-Royce’ material used in the manufacture of heat exchangers and dry coolers and is particularly suitable for use in the off-shore industry.

  FlexCoil - Member of DMOG



Titanium is a very durable material, as strong as steel but much lighter and exhibits extremely high corrosion and erosion resistance characteristics when used with sea water. Thus it is ideally suited for use in cooling coils for ventilation and air conditioning systems on board drilling rigs etc., when sea water can be directly pumped through the tubes. This negates the use of conventional and heavy compressor installations and results in a great weight saving on board the platform.

EVAPCO Air Solutions A/S considers itself as a highly professional organisation and readily offers design, consultancy and guidance throughout an entire project’s life cycle.

EVAPCO Air Solutions A/S was founded in 1992 by a team of experts, who has worked with heat exchangers for the cooling, heating and ventilation business for several years. The members of the team have all possessed a considerable know-how concerning production and use of heat exchangers resulting in production of heat exchangers in many different material combinations for different applications within the area of cooling, heating and ventilation. FlexCoil - Member of DMOG


Address: Knøsgårdvej 115 , 9440 Aabybro
Phone: +45 98 24 49 99
Fax: +45 98 24 49 90

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