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Hydratech Industries - Member of DMOG
Hydraulics with Quality and Precision

Hydratech Industries - Member of DMOG

Hydratech Industries cylinders are key components in vast numbers of offshore operations involving the transfer of power and movement. The quality of these cylinders is thus crucial in ensuring the satisfactory functioning of a wide range of different equipment. The offshore environment is a demanding test of reliability, where hydraulic cylinders must often work under extreme loadings and in sometimes unpredictable and harsh conditions.

  Hydratech Industries - Member of DMOG

Hydratech Industries - Member of DMOG

Hydraulic cylinders for use in conjunction with offshore installations are distinctive in that they are often specially designed for one-oft assignments. The offshore industry is also notable for the stringent quality and documentation requirements associated with meeting classification society requirements. Hydratech Industries focuses on:

  • Traceability of all designs and components
  • Full documentation for manufacture, installation and operation
  • Fully certified welding procedures
  • Ongoing monitoring of manufacturing processes
  • Full documentation of administrative procedures, as well as all testing and approval
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, DNV - MSA agreement




Hydratech Industries - Member of DMOG

To meet these requirements. Hydratech Industries has focused its many years of specialist hydraulic cylinder experience on design and manufacturing facilities with the flexibility to meet all requirements. Part of Hydratech Industries' flexibility comes from a focus on innovation, particularly in the areas of:

  • The use of new materials, such as ceramics and composites
  • New electronic sensor systems
  • New products
  • New surface treatments
  Hydratech Industries - Member of DMOG

Hydratech Industries - Member of DMOG

As just one example, it was Hydratech Industries that introduced the use of highly-durable, weather-resistant composite bearings for mounting hydraulic cylinders - a feature now a standard option for advanced equipment throughout the world.

”World leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality and individually designed hydraulic cylinders.” Hydratech Industries Fluid Power is a market leader in hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing with over 35 years’ experience designing and building cylinders for offshore, marine, mining and industrial applications. Hydratech Industries Fluid Power has production facilities in Denmark, USA and China and additional sales offices in Singapore, Sweden and Holland. Hydratech Industries - Member of DMOG


Address: Sigenvej 2, 9760 Vrå
Phone: +45 98 98 02 00
Fax: +45 98 98 02 10

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