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miniBOOSTER - Member of DMOG

The only full range of intensifying solutions!



miniBOOSTER Hydraulics A/S offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic pressure boosters which are used worldwide in a variety of applications. 
There are several major advantages in using hydraulic boosters from miniBOOSTER. The compact size of the miniBOOSTER allows for installation at point where high pressure is needed. That means less expensive, low-pressure components can be used in most of the hydraulic system.
miniBOOSTERs are easily incorporated in existing and new systems generating pressure up to 5,000 bar from any low-pressure hydraulic power source.

  miniBOOSTER - Member of DMOG

miniBOOSTER - Member of DMOG



Whether you are working offshore or onshore, miniBOOSTERs robust design provides the performance and reliability demanded.

Wellhead control panels

Generates high pressure from low pressure pumps for WCW, MCV and SSSV.

Casing tongs rough necks

Clamping of tubes providing
high force with small 

Blowout preventors downhole safety valves

Generates high pressure for
operating valves.

Skidding systems

Boosting pressure for
increasing the force in 
existing systems.

Testing Equipment 

Boosting pressure for safety 

ROV tooling

miniBOOSTER offers high pressure solutions for a variety of tools, like Cutters, Crimpers, Spreaders, Bolt tensioners and Torque wrenches.

Our comprehensive product program includes a wide range of compact dual media boosters, capable of boosting separate medias up to 1,380 bar, for pressure (seal) testing, spot cleaning and chemical injection.







Testing pressures are going up! 
To meet market inquiries, we have launched the new stainless HC9D2W, capable of supplying 1,380 bar (20,000 PSI).
For smaller ROV’s we have launched a compact stainless version HC2D2HW weighing only 8 kg and capable of supplying 1,380 bar (20,000 PSI).

Have a look at our subsea animation:

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  miniBOOSTER - Member of DMOG

The widest range of intensifying solutions. Single media boosters up to 5,000 bar. Field-serviceable dual media boosters up to 1,380 bar. For any media, including methanol. 

miniBOOSTER hydraulic boosters are so compact, they can be installed wherever high pressure is needed most. 

With the widest range of hydraulic boosters in the industry, you can find exactly what you need. All in one place. 

miniBOOSTER - Member of DMOG

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