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Roblon - Member of DMOG

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Roblon - Member of DMOG

With +60 years’ experience of developing engineered fibre solutions, Roblon has obtained substantial know-how about fibre products. Roblon straps and tapes are a recognised solution for subsea, marine and aquaculture environments and wherever harsh-environment strapping is needed. The products are usually coated with jacketing materials, offering strength and stabilising properties for the specific application. The Roblon name is associated with high quality, quick delivery and excellent service.

Development of new products typically takes place in close cooperation between our customers and in-house R&D department. Our in-house testing and laboratory facilities ensure thorough documentation and testing of our products. 

Roblon is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified by Lloyds Reg.

  Roblon - Member of DMOG
  Roblon - Member of DMOG
Roblon - Member of DMOG
Roblon - Member of DMOG

Product range:

  • Multi-purpose strapping solutions (Different types of straps with different properties).
  • Tensioning systems for straps.
  • Tapes for protection, insulation, reinforcement and tensile strengthening.
  • High Voltage Pulling Rope for electrical insulation – suitable for live-line work on or near overhead power lines.
  • Coated lines / ropes.
  • Technical yarns.

The products are characterized by:

  • High strength
  • No corrosion
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation / diver-friendly
  • Can be used for many different applications.
Roblon supplies engineered fibre solutions for the oil & gas industry worldwide. Our product range comprises strapping systems, reinforcement tapes, composite belts, pulling ropes, technical yarns and coated lines. We aim to maintain a close dialogue with our customers and to always deliver high-quality products. Roblon - Member of DMOG

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