OTC 2018 - Join the Danish national Pavilion in Houston 6 - 9 May 2019

Exhibit at OTC 2020 - the industry's largest exhibition with more than 60,000 attendees!


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Throughout the years we have experienced many satisfied exhibitors.

This is what some of our exhibitors say about participating in the joint export drives arranged by Offshore Denmark.



Olav Brøchner, Managing Director, e-l-m Kragelund A/S:

A successful exhibition requires management of many practical details. Offshore Denmark takes care of this and even accommodation and networking activities too. Offshore Denmark offers joint pavilions at profitable exhibitions, and in the future we will participate again.

e-l-m Kragelund - exhibitor at Offshore Denmark's national pavilions

Søren Hvorslev, Managing Director, Global Gravity ApS:

Professional and great events! During the entire process, Offshore Denmark has been able to answer all of our questions, and it is wonderful to have an experienced team at the helm. The atmosphere is always great, and Offshore Denmark ensures a strong team spirit by getting the participants together.

Global Gravity - exhibitor at Offshore Denmark's national pavilions

Christian Juul, Business Unit Director, Roblon A/S:

It is easy with a turnkey and customised solution from Offshore Denmark who always shows up in a great mood making everything run smoothly! It makes it easy to plan the exhibition, and we are always sure that the Danish Pavilion is well-placed due to Offshore Denmark’s establishment of a good network and relationship with the organiser throughout many years.

Roblon - exhibitor at Offshore Denmark's national pavilions

Steen Helberg, Global Marketing Manager, Hydratech Industries A/S:

We always experience a joint Danish Pavilion 100% ready from day 1! It is a pure plug’n’play experience and solution to participate at Offshore Denmark’s pavilions where we can focus on selling and nursing the customers as Offshore Denmark takes care of the practical details.

Hydratech Industries - exhibitor at Offshore Denmark's national pavilions

Karsten I. Pedersen, Managing Director, SystemTeknik A/S:

Participating at Offshore Denmark’s joint stands is of great significance to small and medium-sized companies. Collectively we become more interesting to the large customers. To us it is also nice to be able to leave most planning to a competent organization like Offshore Denmark, since we are quite busy. Subsequently, we always take new and interesting contacts and often concrete enquiries with us home, when we have been to an exhibition with Offshore Denmark, and participation at a joint stand is definitely recommendable.

SystemTeknik - exhibitor at Offshore Denmark's national pavilions

Niels Storgaard Jensen, Sales & Development Manager, FJERO A/S:

We started the cooperation with Offshore Denmark back in 2012, when we wanted to participate at the ONS exhibition in Stavanger. We had no experience with exhibitions at this point, and therefore it was natural for us to enter into cooperation with Offshore Denmark – and we have not regretted this. Offshore Denmark is 100 % on top of all practical aspects regarding the exhibition, layout of the stands, service etc. The joint marketing that we get by participating at the joint stands is very efficient and has great impact. All this means that we can focus entirely on our customers, who of course are the main reason why we participate at exhibitions. This also means that we are planning more events with Offshore Denmark, since we without hesitation can say that our company experiences growth by participating at the joint stands.

FJERO - exhibitor at Offshore Denmark's national pavilions

Ole Nygaard, Managing Director, Victor-DST A/S

The Danish export drives – organised and carried through by Offshore Denmark – are efficient and successful. We especially appreciate that all practical aspects are taken care of, and we can be sure that everything has been handled – down to the last detail. By participating at several large exhibitions our company has gained great market knowledge and we have acquired many new customers on the basis of this.

Victor-DST - exhibitor at Offshore Denmark's national pavilions

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Offshore Denmark organises Danish Pavilions at the following upcoming exhibitions. For more information and booking forms, see here:

 Exhibit at OTC 2020 at Offshore Denmark's National Pavilion


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